Dear respected brothers and sisters,

Al salamu alekom Warahmatu Allah Wabarakatuh

Imam Ahmed Abou Seif has given TMCC his resignation on March 21st 2016. He mentioned he would like to leave TMCC by the end of March 2016 as he has accepted an offer and signed a contract with another Islamic center in Dallas TX and wanted to be there as soon as possible.

Given that this was Imam Abou Seif wish and desire to leave, TMCC accepted his resignation although his contract with TMCC was till the end of December 2016.

We pray for him and his family the best in this life and hereafter. We definitely would have loved that Imam Abou Seif could have remained with TMCC for many years to come. We are grateful to what Imam Abou Seif has contributed to TMCC and the community.

Al salamu alekom Warahmatu Allah Wabarakatuh

الحمد والصلاة علي الرسول

الإخوة الأعزاء الأخوات الفضليات السلام عليكم ورحمة اللهوبركاته

اما بعد فقد قدم الشيخ ابوسيف استقالة مسببه من عملهفي المسجد يوم واحد وعشرين مارس أوضح فيها انه يريدترك العمل في المسجد  من اول ابريل . وقد افاد انه قد وقععقدا اخر مع مسجد اخر في مدينة دالاس  ولذا فهو يريدالانتقال بأسرع وقت ممكن وقبل شهر رمضان رغم ان عقدهمع المسجد ينتهي في اخر السنه ٢٠١٦. هذا

وقد افاد الشيخ ان في انتقاله من المكان خير كثير لهولأسرته من جميع نواحي الحياة ولذا اقدم علي هذا القراربعد ان استخار الله. وكم كنا نتمني ان يظل معنا هنا بصفةدائمه طول العمر او حتي يقضي معنا شهر رمضان المباركولكن مع اصراره لم يكن أمامنا الا قبول استقالته والدعاء لهبالتوفيق . نشكر الامام علي مجهوداته طوال السنواتالخاليه فقد بدأ هنا فأضاف ألي المكان وأضاف المكان اليه.نسال الله له ولأسرته التوفيق في مكانه الجديد والسدادامين .

كم يعز علينا ان يتركنا الامام ولكن هذه هي الدنيا لقاء ثمفراق .

جاء في الحديث الشريف الذي رواه الحاكم في مستدركه انجِبْرِيل جاء وقال يامحمد عِش ما شئت فانك ميت واحْبب منشئت فانك مفارقه واعمل ماشئت فانك مجزي به واعلم انشرف المؤمن قيامه بالليل وعزه استغناؤ عن الناس

ونحيطكم علما ان البحث جاري عن امام اخر يملأ الفراغخصوصا قبل شهر رمضان المبارك بلغنا الله اياه وتقبله مناوسوف نوافيكم بالاخبار تباعا ان شا الله

وفقنا الله الي مايحبه ويرضاه امين



Toledo Muslim Community Center (TMCC), is an Islamic non-profit religious organization as per section 501-(C)-3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code of the United States.

The TMCC started by renting a hall on Laskey road on October 2008. As the community grew the TMCC leased a commercial suite on Holland Sylvania Road in April 2009.

In July/August 2009, the commercial suite got outgrown, the TMCC leased another commercial suite and connected the two suites through audio and closed-circuit TV. In-addition to babysitting suite form month of Ramadan.

In December of 2010, The TMCC  successfully closed on the current location on Sylvania Avenue after the community outgrew the two commercial suites on Holland Sylvania Road.

In 2011, The TMCC moved to the current location on the 28th of January and had the first Friday Prayer led by Dr. Aly Lela.

Our Objective:

-The TMCC Organization has been founded and located in Toledo, Ohio. To premise the knowledge of Islam its clear understanding with all those Muslims and Non-Muslims who wish to contribute to the benefit of a good and healthy society.

-The TMCC facility is intended to be a platform for community service, counselling services, and promote Islamic family values, high morals, and helping the needy.

-To conduct religious education, educational, civic, social, literary and other activities in accordance with the Islam principles.